Volta With Our Children

Volta With Our Children

This is a request from young couples with children, to which VERIA VOLTA can reply in the best way.

It anticipates relaxing, leisurely routes for the adults. And at the same time, interesting, entertaining and educational destinations for the children.

Volta in nature, beside the river, through green meadows, in safe …but mysterious woods which unfold their secrets like a fairy story, picnics close to aquatic environments with rare birds and a first introduction to collecting herbs and aromatic plants. And at the same time, a lesson in how the food included in our daily nutrition is produced.

An unforgettable life experience for children who live in urban centres, to come into contact with nature and animals, but also take part creatively and experientially, in activities which they have only seen in photographs!

At the same time, they are given a unique opportunity to find out about the History of Education, from the time when people first carves signs on rocks, until the appearance of the quill, the printing press and electronic computers.

A meeting with History, but also with digital reality and the original methods of διάθεση knowledge, for which Veria απέσπασε the first global award!

As for «τα πράγματα και θάματα» of Alexander the Great, here you can see it all, in a magical spot that offers children memories that will last a lifetime.

We can even arrange for you to celebrate your child’s birthday or name day in an unique and special way. The children, in company with their guests and friends, become young explorers, περιηγούνται in nature, get to know herbs and wild fruits, have picnics in picturesque surroundings and «ενίοτε the birthday boy or girl blows out their candles.

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