All the stars together in one sky! In Veria.

The bright star of Aiges (Vergina), of the Macedonian Kings, shines out from here on the global scene.

The Star of Bethlehem lights up Little Jerusalem with its unparalled Byzantine monuments, even comparable to the Sistine Chapel.

The Jewish Star of David lights up the enclosed Jewish Quarter and the well-preserved Synagogue, beside the picturesque river that runs through the city.

The Star of the Crescent Moon lights up the Minarets, the stone bridges, buildings from another era...

A walk through time, with a one-day VOLTA.

But one day is never enough…

So, we carry on with a visit to the Harvard of antiquity, to the School of Aristotle in Ancient Mieza.

Here, the ‘Symposium’ has its honorary place. Philosophy meets Dionysus in the huge vineyards, the ‘raki’ stills, the wineries, the strong flavours. The Wineroads are waiting for us to take a walk along them. The VOLTA acquires a merry feel!

Right on top of this, hot, hand-made halva, tickles the palate, when you visit the award-winning cottage industry that manufactures it.

One surprise leads to another and we have to say that all of them are pleasant ones!

A window on the classy architecture of the 19th century. The Archeological Museum, the museum with the greatest number of portraits, a gallery of Antiquity. A visit to the ‘garden of statues’. Veria, the city of the Macedonian People. A charismatic city in a blessed region. A stroll – VOLTA – in another era, with the ‘αρχοντιά’ of comfort and the comfort of ‘αρχοντιά’. Amazing experiences are to be had from visits to AIGES (Vergina), one of the most significant UNESCO monuments, and the Byzantine Museum, which has won an award from EUROPA NOSTRA. Little Jerusalem. Ancient devout monasteries in places where man and nature come face to face with God. In Veria, we encounter the Apostle of Nations, Saint Paul. We walk along the path he took. We pay homage at the site where he spoke. We experience memories in a unique walled in Jewish quarter and its synagogue. Alexander the Great – Aiges. From here, he began to write world history. Here, the philosopher Aristotle taught at his school in Mieza. Unique routes – VOLTA – in nature, in history, in adventure, in flavours, in secret places.

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